Saturday, April 14

Today has I had lunch with mummy and deddy. THEN had to listen to them bitch about EVERYTHING...

Yesterday was lots o' fun, though.Roxy and I went to Lynnhaven, she got her navel pierced, after a bit of persuasion from 'the cute guy'. She originally wanted her lip done, but Jesse was all out of the jewelry he needed. So, she settled for her navel, which has been done before but became infected. Eww... So, anyway. I got some prices for the piercing I want. UBX is more expensive than most, but I think it's also the most sterile. Looks like I'll be spending a lot of cash on piercings.

Virginia Beach is so fucking boring. There is nothing to do here except visit the mall and the Strip. Yay..not much excitement there! And to top it all off, tattoos have finally been made legal here again. After fucking forever of having to go to Gloucster for a decent tattoo, now everyone can stay at home and get one will though. Everyone loves Toucan.

Enough of my mindless babble. Goodnight.